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Medical device

MSA code 16960
UDI code
Seadme klass Meditsiiniseade
Risk class III
Appliance -
Device name (in Estonian) collafleece
Device name (in English) collafleece
Intended use (is Estonian) collafleece® märgumiskindel kollageenifliis, mis soodustab haavade paranemist ja toimib
hemostaatilise ainena.
Intended use (in English) collafleece® is a wet-stable collagen sponge, promotes wound
healing and serves as a hemostatic agent.
Type/model/article number 512212
Notified body 0483
Manufacturer botiss biomaterials GmbH
In register from 10/12/2021
Status Active
EHK soodustus EHK soodustus puudub
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