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Medical device

MSA code 13627
UDI code
Seadme klass Meditsiiniseade
Risk class I
Appliance -
Device name (in Estonian) Plaastrite komplekt "Medrull" MiMi Kids
Device name (in English) Medrull plasters MiMi Kids
Intended use (is Estonian) Plaastrite kasutatakse meditsiinilistel ja hügieenilistel eesmärkidel.
Plaastrite kasutatakse haavade katmisel ja nahapinna verejooksude peatamisel.
Plaastrite ei tohi teist korda kasutada.
Intended use (in English) Plaster is used for medical and hygienic purposes.
Plaster is used to cover wounds and stop skin bleeding.
Plaster should not be used for the second time.
Type/model/article number
Additional information Distributor FORANS Eesti AS
Notified body CE
Manufacturer Aktsiaselts FORANS EESTI
In register from 05/15/2019
Status Active
EHK soodustus EHK soodustus puudub
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