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Organisation data

Information about organisation in detail.
MSO kood 1108
Register code B-96502510
Juridical name Orliman S.L.U
Short name
Country ES
Address Ausias March 3. Pol industrial La Pobla, 49, Valencia
Phone number +34 96 272 5704
Here it is possible to see devices that are registered. Applications that are under review are not shown.
Found medical devices
Device model name:Type/model/article number:
Basic UDI-DI:Added in range :   till
Risk class: device category:
Device comments, keywords:Removed from sale:
Notified body:MSA code:
is assistive device: Basic UDI-DI devices:
in EHK discount list: näita tootmine lõpetatud seadmeid:
ID No. MSA code Added Basic UDI-DI Name Type/model/article number Class Manufacturer name Distributors Users EHIF REIMBURSEMENT AV


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